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5 Podcast Ideas When You're First Getting Started

We've been there. Your microphone is turned on; you've pressed record, everything is ready to go, and the worst happens: you draw a blank! You're not sure what to say or what to do first. This article will explore five podcast ideas you can use when you first start your new show.

Share Your History, Share Your Dreams

Every non-profit, purpose-driven individual or business has a story to tell about the work you are doing in the world. At the outset, you might consider sharing that story with your listeners. Where did you come from? Where are you going? What dreams do you have to make a difference to the people and places around you?

Tell Stories

If someone is connecting to your podcast, it's fair to assume that they want to know something about the work you've been doing. This is especially true for donors (and potential donors!) Talk about the work you're doing that is making a difference in the lives of others.

At Empower Podcasting, our flagship podcast told the story of Communities In Schools of Mid-America's success working with at-risk students. We interviewed students, staff, and the Student Success Coordinators who worked on the front lines in schools. Who are the people in your organization who can best tell your story?

Define Your Brand

In the early episodes of your podcast, don't be afraid to experiment. It may take a few shows before you settle on the right music, cover art, or other design elements that will help engage your audience and keep them listening.

As part of our suite of podcasting solutions, we offer full-service branding and content design options that can help you propel your podcast forward. If you have an idea you're unsure about, send us an e-mail. We'll be happy to share our perspective with you!

Live Shows & Events

There's something powerful about listening to a live podcast with an audience in the background. Consider recording your next podcast at an industry event or conference. You might make a live recording of your podcast a centerpiece of your event or part of the event's program. With the booming interest in podcasting, you'll be surprised how many people will attend.

News & Updates

Most organizations have a newsletter that shares information with staff, donors, and the public. These newsletters are not always read by the intended recipients, with open e-mail rates often falling under 50%. A news-sharing podcast turns regular news into entertaining coverage of everything you're doing. Share success stories, donor appreciation, upcoming events, and more through audio. You'll be surprised how much more engaging it is than standard print!

We're Here to Help

Empower Podcasting offers accessible podcasting production services for non-profit organizations and purpose-driven individuals and businesses. We'd enjoy hearing about your podcast if you're starting it. Whether you're looking for branding, content, or full-service recording and editing, we have a plan for you.

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