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Starting a Non-Profit Podcast

Podcasts offer a unique opportunity for non-profits and purpose-driven individuals and businesses. As you prepare to start your first podcast you might have questions: from how to plan your first episode to consistently creating quality content.

Podcasts help you tell your story

Almost 60% of American consumers listen to podcasts, and that number keeps rising. The market for podcasting in nearly every sector is enormous, and the most significant benefit is this: the ability to tell your own story. Non-profits, especially, can receive great value from creating and publishing a regular podcast. Donors, volunteers, and the general public are curious about the work done in their communities and nationally. Sharing what you've done and where you're heading is worth sharing (and listening to!)

Reach new audiences

Think about listening to a podcast. Did you feel connected to the host? Podcasts link the content creator with the listener in a way that print media can't do. With their ability to be shorter, bite-size pieces or more extended forms of journalism or commentary, you can fit everything important to you and your organization inside a podcast. At Empower Podcasting, we offer a variety of plans that include all styles of podcasting.

Your podcast is a resource

One of the quickest ways to create a podcast is to re-purpose existing content in audio form. Do you have a blog post that performed well? A social media conversation that deserves to be shared? The people who work for non-profits or purpose-driven businesses, like the customers of Empower Podcasting, often don't have time to create a podcast from scratch. Consider using what you have, and explore how that may inspire new content and ideas down the road.

Connect with us

At Empower Podcasting, we empower conversations just like yours. If you're thinking about starting a podcast, or you already have an entire plan ready to launch, contact Empower Podcasting for a free consultation and let us help you create stories that will drive your organization forward and get results that will make a difference.

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